Dog Training

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Building positive canine relationships through reinforcement and education.

Group Classes:

Something to Wag About's group classes is an in-depth look into dog guardianship. These classes teach you basic manners, communication, and fundamentals of positive reinforcement training. Each class is designed with a specific goal in mind.

Canine Companionship - $230 - 6 weeks
The goal of this class is to provide canines and their humans with an environment to grow their relationship in a positive direction through the use of basic obedience cues and positive reinforcement training. Teams will learn basic obedience cues and how to train new behaviors. This class will cover pet-safe first aid protocol, proper grooming maintenance and so much more. The final week of this class is designed to have teams train a behavior they need in their daily life. Allowing guardians to choose what they would like their canine to learn.

Fundamental Agility - $180 - 4 weeks
The goal of this class is to teach teams the basics of agility. Teams will learn how to complete each section of an agility run. By the end of the class, teams will understand how to jump, tunnel, and obstacles. Guardians will be able to train new behaviors in agility. Canines will learn how to work independently and learn new behaviors. During the winter months, this class will be held inside our facility. During the summer months, we will hold classes outside in our astroturfed yard.

Intermediate Agility - $180 - 4 weeks
Continue your agility journey with this class! Teams must have completed another agility class or our fundamentals course. This four week class connects all the dots for agility. Teams will practice runs with four to five obstacles. The class will also be set up similar to a mock competition. Giving teams the feeling of being at an event while still learning.

Open Athletics - $35 - drop in class Saturday Morning from 9am-10am
The goal of this class is to help all dogs get out of the house and moving! Keep your dog fit at all ages with this fun drop in class. Learn how to use our treadmills and other equipment. This time is designed to help teams get out and practice. Take advantage of our beautiful facility and use it to train what you want! A trainer will be present to help teams brainstorm and work through behaviors they want to practice. Call and book your appointment today!

Kids and K9's

Canine Courtesy -$230 - 6 weeks
The goal of this class is to help children learn how to respect, maintain, and work with animals. This class is designed to foster a relationship between children and their dogs. To help teach them relationships are built on trust and connections. Kids will also learn the responsibility behind working with and owning dogs. Parents will learn how to foster the relationship between the two as well. Each week the kids and canines will participate in a series of games, activities, and worksheets. Together they will learn basic behaviors and life skills.

All teams must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Fundamental Agility - $180 - 4 weeks
The goal of this class is to continue the relationship building for Kids and their K9's! This class allows kids to learn the basics of agility. Giving them and their furry friend a sport to enjoy! Kids will also learn the terms used in the dog sport world. Giving them the tools to participate in dog sporting events if they so choose. Teams will walk away with the ability to move, run, jump and fly together!