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Proving high quality preventative care to your canines skin and coat

All appointments require proof of rabies vaccination

Our grooming services include:

  • Full Service Bath: cleansing, hydrating, pedicure and ear cleaning pricing varies by size, breed, temperament and condition of coat
  • Full Service Groom: cleansing, hydrating, styling, pedicure, ear cleaning price varies by size, breed, temperament and condition of coat

Walk in services:
  • Nail trims - $15.00 recommended every 2-4 weeks
  • Nail grind- $20.00 smooth out the edges of a blunt nail trim with a closer finish
  • Paw Balm- $10.00 Used to protect pads against hot, cold and rough terrain, paw balm is similar to chapstick, helping hydrate the pads and nose
  • Ear cleaning- $10.00
  • Pick 3 Spa Package- $30.00 includes 3 walk in services excludes dematting
  • Brushing with PEK Hydration Spray Treatment- $15.00/ 10 minutes Our PEK hydration spray is the most amazing detangling leave-in conditioner, created with pure vegetable collagen.
  • Dematting- $25.00/ 10 minutes

Shampoo & Conditioner Upgrades

Experience personalized pampering for your furry friends with our Shampoo & Conditioner upgrades. Recognizing that one-size-fits-all doesn't apply, our certified groomers specialize in 15 different coat types, ensuring individualized care tailored to your pup's unique needs. Because every dog is special, they deserve nothing but the best, and we take pride in delivering just that.

Traditional Line


We recommend this line for routine bathing when there are no skin or coat issues.

  • Lemon | Short coats
  • Banana | Medium coats
  • Green Apple | Long coats

Fruit of the Groomer


This line is perfect for routine bathing especially in drier seasons where your pet will require that extra bit of hydration

  • Black Cherry | Short coats
  • Pink Grapefruit | Medium coats
  • Passion Fruit | Long coats
  • Mint | Repairing with vitamin B6
  • Orange | Anti-shedding, anti-stress

Green Caviar Line


The Green Caviar Luxury Spa line is for every coat type. The Caulerpa Lentillifera extract helps revitalize your dog's coat thanks to its beneficial properties. Vitamin F contributes to hydration which strengthens, softens, and leaves the coat shiny. Silicone free.

Black Passion Line


The Black Passion Luxury Spa line shampoo and conditioner are most suitable for short coats and hairless pets. Contains Argan Oil and extracts of seaweed. It gently cleans, nourishes and strengthens hair, protecting it against free radicals and aging. Leaves the coat soft as silk and smelling like natural Argan.

Mineral Red Line


The Mineral Line is an extremely gentle, SLS free, super hydrating therapy for any coat type. Contains keratin and nettle. Keratin deeply nourishes the coat and rebuilds the protective layer of the skin. The soothing properties of nettle help battle eczema, hives, excessive grease, maintain softness, and helps prevent hair-loss. Wonderful for allergy sensitive dogs

Grooming & Bathing Add ons:

Nail grind


Oil Therapy


We take the finest imported Gingko oil, Ozonated Olive Oil, Oligo (mineral) Element oils and collagen and add it to your dog's bathing regime as well as mist your dog's skin and coat to help protect against drying effects.



85-95% of loose hair will be gone using our PEK collagen, we add an extra step to the bath that closes the cuticle to protect it during the cleansing step and breaks down the old oils and sebum. After gently cleansing the follicle, we close the skin and hair to retain hydration and give back the oils, minerals and collagen that were removed during the cleansing process.

Body Wrap Detox


Our Fruit of the Groomer PEK mixed with Gingko Oil provides a detoxifying effect with the benefits of sebum balancing, anti-hair loss, anti stress, restructuring, vitamin rich repairing and nourishment.

Flea & Tick


Refreshing mint with vitamin B6 repairs while repelling fleas and ticks



For the stinky or skunky pets, we use imported oils to break down the odors while balancing the pH using a close, open, close method.

Mineral Foot Soak


Rich in minerals, this detox will remove dirt, allergens and toxins from your pets itchy feet

Need to have your pup stay all dayso you can go to work or shopping?

Let Them Participate In Activities Through Our Canine Recreation Center!

Bordetella, distemper and rabies are required for our Canine Rec Center. We charge $10.00 for each activity.

The Importance of Conditioner: Fur has plaques, like scales on a pinecone. When the hair is hydrated and covered with sebum, the plaques lay flat and smooth. If the sebum is removed by a harsh shampoo, or not replaced by a conditioner after shampooing, these plaques open up like a Christmas tree. When that happens, the hair tends to mat, dulls the color, dehydrates and no longer protects the skin.

The Science of a Bath- The frothing process aerates a glob of shampoo, creating more receptors on a molecular level. The more receptors, the more debris the product can remove from the skin and coat. We apply shampoo to the sebaceous areas first to ensure the deepest clean, letting the molecules sit for 5 minutes, giving the receptors time to grab as much debris as possible.

Goal of a Bath- to remove dirt & abnormal skin debris while returning the skin to health.

I've been taking my Bernese Mountain Dog to Something to wag about for a few years now. They are great and treat her like one of their own! She always comes back looking and smelling so fresh. They are super professional and very timely. I would recommend anyone taking their dogs to them whether it be for a full service groom or just a nail trim!

Haily H.

Great place, yogi loved his grooming which came out great!

Ace A.

Something to Wag About does a great job grooming my two dogs. Their cuts are always great, which is pretty remarkable considering how wiggly my dogs can be! The price is very reasonable, and the staff are all nice and helpful. I recommend them whenever I get a chance.

Leanne J.

Very friendly people and they did a great job grooming my chocolate lab!

Jessica P.

My dogs were happy and well cared for. They look great and are so chill - I can tell it was a terrific experience for them (as much as a wash and clip can be!). Already made my next appointment. So happy to have this business in Trenton!

Anne S.

Excellent grooming experience today for our goldendoodle, Doolin! He came home happy and looks fantastic. Thanks for taking such good care of him.

Kristin M.

I took my 9 month goldador in for a groom and clip and was able to get in and out quickly. The staff was larger than I expected, and they genuinely cared about the pups. I will return!

Diane H.

Something to Wag about did a great job with Lexi. She has a lot of anxiety with bath-time and I was unable to get her bathed. Somehow they were able to successfully bathe her and trim her nails. I love how they listened to her needs and worked with her so well!

Jennifer D.

Great place and they do fabulous work - thank you for giving Phoebe such a nice summer cut!

Mary T.

I brought my Bernese Mountain Dog to Something to Wag About and they did a fantastic job! They did exactly what I wanted and she smells great. Would recommend to anyone who needs a groomer .

Haily F.

Flynn had his first cut here. He came out beautifully! The staff was awsome, very caring, listened to what he needed, even brought out pictures to show. He looks like a Westie now! The pricing is very reasonable also. Already made his next appointment! Thank you so much!

Heather N.

They did an amazing job grooming my German Shepherd. He's a big scaredy cat who hates baths but they managed to get him looking nice and smelling great! I highly recommend them!

Erin W.

We love it here! They took such good care of our golden retriever Riley, who has special needs and anxiety. He looks and smells amazing!

JoAnne W.

Took my mini aussie there today, and to say she looks great is an understatement. I've always been very indecisive about her coat length, especially her bottom. I couldnt be happier she looks amazing I will definatly be back and can say theyve finally found ideal coat length. I've fallen in love with my dog all over again it's like I got a new pup

Tina W.

Elissa is an incredible groomer! She has a keen eye and is kind to each and every pupper that comes through the door. She is an animal person and I wouldn't go to anyone else!!

Emma G.

Molly Rose had her spa day at Wags and she looks beautiful! It was our first time there and definitely not our last! Thanks so much!

Kathleen S.

Jade had her first grooming today and i am so happy i found this place , she looks amazing and i would definitely recommend anyone to bring there pets

Martha T.

Elissa was great with Mia! Mia hates anybody doing her nails but Elissa was so fast Mia didn't even realize she was doing them! She listened to what I wanted and was great the whole time, even though Mia pooped on the floor!

Lauren L.

Thank you Margaret for a fabulous groom of our beloved Newf, Sachem! We especially appreciate your thoughtful and gentle care of him while he was there. And your new shop is great!

Bab K.