Let Your Dog Play All Day Long

Visit a pet sitter and certified pet groomer in Trenton, ME

If your dog has a hard time watching you leave home, doggy daycare could alleviate their loneliness and your aching heart. Something to Wag About, Inc. is a pet grooming service and doggy daycare in Trenton, Maine. Our clients love how much we care about their pets. So much so that they travel from Bar Harbor, ME and Mount Desert Island, ME for our daycare! In addition to receiving professional training, each pet groomer is certified in pet CPR and first aid.

Whether your dog needs a baby sitter or a nail trimmer, you'll find what you need at Something to Wag About.

Can't make it to us? We'll come to you. Talk to our mobile pet groomer in Trenton, ME today. We serve all surrounding areas of Trenton, ME including Bar Harbor, ME and Mount Desert Island, ME.

Full-Service Groom

Give your pup a complete bathing, grooming and haircutting experience.

Mobile Grooming Services

Let our mobile dog groomer bathe and groom your pup at home.

Full-Service Bath

If your dog doesn't need a haircut, take advantage of our dog bathing service.

Doggy Daycare

Don't leave your dog at home alone. Bring them to our doggy daycare center.

A clean dog means a clean house

Your pup might look pleased as punch when they come inside covered in mud, with leaves and twigs knotted up in their fur. But that devilish delight won't last long; a dirty coat makes any dog uncomfortable. Fortunately, you can leave dog washing to the professionals at Something to Wag About.

You can count on our team of caring groomers to make your dog feel every bit as precious and pampered as you do. Dial 207-667-2924 now to set up a dog grooming appointment at our Trenton, ME location.

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