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Welcome to Seaside Canine Essentials!

Nestled on the scenic Belfast waterfront adjacent to the bustling Belfast Marina, Seaside Canine Essentials is your premier destination for expert dog care. Our services are crafted with your pup's health and happiness in mind, offering professional dog nail care, thorough brushing, and gentle ear care. Enhance your visit by exploring our carefully selected range of pet products, perfect for pampering your pet. We're passionate about dogs and dedicated to providing top-notch training services to help your furry friend learn and grow in a beautiful seaside setting. Seaside Canine Essentials is open seasonally from May to October, operating every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Visit us to treat your canine companion to the best care by the sea. We look forward to welcoming you and your beloved pet to our new location at Seaside Canine Essentials
where every day is a good day for dog care!