Day Camp

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Our day camp program consists of 4-5 activities, rest breaks and freshwater. We individualize each dogs day so that they have their best day filled with their favorite things. We make sure each dog has a day full of play, enrichment & thinking. Each activity ranges from 10-45 minutes.

Our ideal candidate:

  • Dogs that are not spayed or neutered
  • Dogs that have aged out of regular styled daycare but would still like to have fun with
  • enrichment and mental stimulation
  • Owners that are looking for a structured environment for their dog
  • Dogs that have lack of control or become overstimulated in a group play daycare setting
  • Nervous dogs that have not been socialized with other dogs
  • Dogs that do not fit into large group play daycare
  • Dogs that love to play with other dogs
  • Dogs that have basic manner skills

Each day consists of:

  • Small group socials *if eligible
  • Physical exercise
  • Individualized enrichment
  • Mental stimulation
  • Rest breaks
  • Fresh water

Activities include:

  • Play with toys, like tug, fetch & more
  • Small group socials if applicable
  • Pack walks around the property including wooded trails
  • Walking, jogging or running on a canine treadmill
  • Flirt pole
  • Fun dog sports, including agility, treibball, fast cat, flyball *if your dog already has basic skills in this sports*
  • Manners practice
  • Tricks
  • Puzzle toys
  • Snuffle mats
  • Scent work


  • Dogs must complete a 30 minute meet & greet evaluation prior to attending.
  • Dogs must be up to date on Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella.
  • Dogs must be crate-trained and have no human-reactivity issues
  • Reservations are required for attendance
  • Dogs must attend 2x a month to be eligible for this program

Full day


Upgrade to a premium day for $59 which includes a picture sent via Gingr & a lunchtime kong

Our day camp program is offered Monday - Friday. Drop off is between 7:00am - 9:00am, pick up is from 3:00pm - 5:30pm. Drop off and pick up is done in the canine recreation center lobby, if you need to drop off or pick up between 9:00am - 3:00pm, please come to our grooming lobby. We lock our gate at 9:00am, they open back up at 3:00pm.

My husband and I rescued a very insecure little mixed bully, she had a questionable start to life and was certain everything and everyone was out to get her. We worked with a wonderful trainer who said to paraphrase 'I never recommend daycare but daycare might be what she needs needs'... Something To Wag About was the only daycare on her list so it was the only daycare on our list. After two weeks at daycare we owned a completely different pup. Peggy has blossomed into a more confident, happy and loving dog. The team at Something to Wag about genuinely care that she is happy and loved, and they love on her a lot! She has even grown to love spa days, where she is patiently washed and groomed and pampered . This team has helped our dog come into her own... and it provides a safe place for weekday zoomies!!! We LOVE something to wag about!!

Tiffany B.

I have a grumpy little old dog that the staff is very patient and attentive to. I know he is difficult to work with and tell them each time I just want him to be comfortable...that is my goal. His fur knots easily on his face and feet. I don't feel safe with scissors around his eyes. When they pass him back out to me, he is perfect and HAPPY! My fur boy is a spoiled little guy and I trust each one of the staff to take great care of My grumpy boy Charlie!

Lisa R.

My Husband and I have heard wonderful things about your pet grooming. creativevpets salon referred us to you....

they're currently not able to take on new clients at this time, plus I didn't realize how close your salon is
We're counting down the days to next Wednesday to drop BABY off at 7:45am.
I'll let you copy all her vaccinations and physical
Should we bring water and a snack for Baby next Wednesday?
Can you trim her toenails too?
Thank you so much!

John and Angie B.