Take Your Pooch to the Salon

Find a friendly dog groomer in Trenton, ME and serving Ellsworth and Blue Hill, ME

Searching for professional dog nail trimming, bathing and grooming services in the Trenton, Maine area? Something to Wag About, Inc. can meet all of those needs and more. We can help you prevent matting and general untidiness with our full-service grooming options.

Talk to a trained dog groomer today by calling 207-667-2924.

See what full-service grooming means to us

See what full-service grooming means to us

An experienced dog groomer at our Trenton, ME location, just outside of Ellsworth and Blue Hill, ME, can give your dog a day at the spa. Your dog's full-service groom will include:

  • Two shampoo washes: A double wash helps make sure your dog's coat and skin are thoroughly clean.
  • A wash with conditioner: Keep your pet's coat shiny and silky longer with fur conditioner.
  • A blow dry: We'll outfit your dog with ear protection before using a high velocity blow dryer.
  • Nail trimming and grinding: Keep your pet's claws from clicking on or scratching the floor with our dog nail trimming service.
  • Ear cleaning: Ask about our optional ear cleaning and ear hair plucking.
  • Brushing: Once your pet is clean and dry, we can brush their fur out.
  • A haircut: Your full-service groom can also include a haircut, depending on your wishes.


Learn more about the types of shampoo available during your dog's full-service groom by visiting our Full-Service Bath page.

We are not currently accepting new grooming clients. We are accepting bath appointments and walk ins.


*There is a no show/24 cancellation fee*