Maintain Your Dog's Silky Coat

Maintain Your Dog's Silky Coat

Providing professional dog washing service in Ellsworth, ME, serving Trenton and Blue Hill, ME

Bringing your pup to the dog washer should be a fun experience for you and your pet. When you visit Something to Wag About, Inc. in Ellsworth, Maine, it will be.

Our dog washing service includes all the same services as our full-service groom, minus the haircut. This is ideal for dogs with double coats who don't need haircuts but do need regular baths. Huskies, golden retrievers and German shepherds are all ideal candidates for a full-service bath without a haircut.

Discuss your pup's needs with a dog washer by calling 207-667-2924 now.

Keep your dog clean from nose to tail

Part of providing a holistic approach to animal care means letting you customize the dog washing experience. You can choose from a variety of shampoos, including CBD shampoo, based on your dog's specific needs. For example, we carry shampoos designed for dogs with...

  • Arthritis: Help ease inflammation and soreness with a shampoo designed for aging pets with painful joints.
  • Sensitive skin: Does your pooch's skin react badly to standard shampoos? Try a hypoallergenic variety.
  • Tender skin (puppies): Young pups can benefit from puppy shampoo, just like young humans do from baby shampoo.
  • Facial


Your dog washer cares about your pup's comfort. We keep the lights low and give every dog water, ear protection and a plush towel. full service bath is a great addition to anyone's grooming schedule. Baths in between grooms can help keep your pup clean , and brushed out preventing matting. Call our office in Ellsworth, ME, just outside of Blue Hill, ME, today to set up an appointment.


*There is a no show/24 cancellation fee*