Is Your Dog Lonely While You Work?

Is Your Dog Lonely While You Work?

Bring your pup to doggy daycare in Trenton, ME & serving Ellsworth and Blue Hill, ME

Whether you spend hours every day at work or you want someone to watch your pup while you run errands, you can count on Something to Wag About, Inc. to keep an eye on your four-legged friend. Our pet daycare, located in Trenton, Maine, just outside of Ellsworth and Blue Hill, ME, provides a fun, loving environment for dogs to spend the day.

Call 207-664-2924 today to enroll your pup in doggy daycare.

Why you and your dog will love our pet daycare center

Our pet daycare program provides dogs in Trenton, ME, just outside of Ellsworth and Blue Hill, ME with enriching activities and helps them enhance their canine social skills. At Something to Wag About, your dog can...

  • Stretch their legs: Your dog will enjoy an open play area, where they can come and go as they please. This helps dogs burn energy and socialize with one another.
  • Take time outs: Sometimes, the excitement is too much. Before your dog can get overexcited or anxious, we'll give them a chance to wind down in a private area.
  • Eat and drink: Let us know when your dog should have access to food and water. We'll provide a calm, comfortable eating environment.

Lunches and treats are great to bring for your pups and if you forget a lunch, lunch kongs are available for purchase for $5.

We do accept drop in daycare upon approved application however we do not hold reservations for drop in daycare. It's day by day availability. So call the day of to see if there are any open spots for the day.

We also offer $10 off of baths for our established daycare clients.

To ensure your dog's safety, all pets must go through a behavior assessment before being accepted into the doggy daycare program.


*There is a no show/24 cancellation fee*

What to expect after a day of doggy daycare

  • Sore Pads
  • Tiredness
  • Sore Muscles
  • Excitement to Come Home


Monday - Friday 7am - 9 am and 3:00pm-5:30pm

Flat rate fee: $30 per day

* Please note late pick up is after 5:30pm